Arrived in Moscow bullfinches

© Photo : Vyacheslav Zarubinskyi. Archive photoArrived in Moscow bullfinches© Photo : Vyacheslav Zarubin

Bullfinches were seen in the Moscow parks with the arrival of cold weather, told RIA Novosti in «Mospeada» on Tuesday.

«With the arrival of cold weather in Moscow — flew bullfinches. They are easy to spot in bright pink breast in males, as well as the characteristic soft melancholic voice, published by bird in the form of «FY», fit», «drink», «put», — told the Agency in the institution.

So, birds were seen on the territory of the Izmailovo Park, in the Bitsa forest, landscape reserves Teplyy Stan, Troparevsky, and the natural reserve «Valley Setun».

«Bullfinch — a symbol of winter, but few people know that these birds in the city they nest. Broods of bullfinch were recorded in elk island and the Bitsa forest, but the massive plaque of birds in Moscow takes place in autumn-winter dispersal, bullfinches from Northern regions of Russia flock to the city,» — told the Agency.

As noted by the specialists of «Mospeada», bullfinches birds are mainly herbivorous, and even the Chicks are fed almost exclusively on seeds in winter, they take out the seeds from the fruit berries and Apple trees, also, crack open with their massive beaks Samaras of ashes and maples, but most of all love the seeds of lilac.

«All these trees and shrubs in a lot of growing in Moscow, which attracts birds that flock EN masse to the city in winter period», — said the Agency.