Bolsonaro wants to liberalise the wearing of weapons in Brazil

© 2018 AFP / Nelson Almeida Hair Bolsonaro. Archival photoBolsonaro wants to liberalise the wearing of weapons in Brazil© 2018 AFP / Nelson Almeida

The President-elect of Brazil Air Bolsonaro priority of his future government liberalizing the carrying of weapons, and plans to amend the current law on weapons until the end of the current year, i.e. before the inauguration.

«We need to abandon political correctness and defend, firearms guarantees freedom of the people. Brazil is now in a state of war,» said Bolsonaro channel Record, commenting on the criminal situation in the country.

According to him, possible risks from the increase in the number of armed people is comparable to the risk when citizens are allowed to drive a car. «If you think so, then we need to ban driving cars in Brazil, but if you want to have a gun, you have to bear for it responsibility». – said the winner of the presidential election.

In Brazil on Sunday was the second round of presidential elections. Candidate from the Social liberal party Bolsonaro scored 55,13%, its rival, the candidate of the workers ‘ Party of Fernando Haddad — 44,87%. Office, the new President will take effect January 1, 2019.