Bryansk wolves. The story of a gang of killers escaped authority emeli

© Photo : Ministry of internal Affairs of the Bryansk region , operational chamonikolas Emelyanov Igor GalantsevBryansk wolves. The story of a gang of killers escaped authority emeli© Photo : UMVD across the Bryansk region , video recording

The Moscow district military court will soon revert to the high-profile case of a gang of killers, specializing in the elimination of thieves and crime bosses. The defendants — seven. In 2015 the jury they were acquitted, but Russia’s Supreme court overturned the verdict, all members of the gang returned to the detention center. Killers directly subordinate to Nikolay Yemelyanov named Emelya — the leader of one of the largest criminal communities of the Central region. The history of the «elite» level of the group — in the material RIA Novosti.

War criminal

In the summer of 2007 in Bryansk criminal authority Andrey Badia left the building Bezhitsk district court and headed to his car. Sports motorcycle rapidly approaching from the Parking lot, did not pay attention. Machine gun fire caught him in the cabin. Shot at close range, the chances of survival were not. Police on duty at the building, rushed for sportbike chase, but to catch the killer and could not.

A high-profile murder became just another episode of criminal war that raged in the city. «Starting with the zero dominant position in the criminal hierarchy of Bryansk was occupied by Nikolai Yemelyanov, a man exceptionally cruel and calculating — says RIA Novosti employee of the local police, who requested anonymity. — His group consisted of dozens of people and covered almost all businessmen of the city and region: from the owners of small Parking lots to the Directors of large shopping centers and markets. From Emel was good communication in local government and law enforcement agencies, where he worked for his family».

The criminal authority lived outside the city in a luxurious mansion, the clock was under heavy guard, and regularly received visitors seeking resolution of disputes. His groupings were often in disagreement with other leaders of local gangs, too, wanted to profit at the expense of merchants. To eliminate them, according to investigators, the floor is formed in the structure of organized crime groups «elite» team killers.

«According to investigators, in the period 2000-2004 Galantsev together with Nikolai Emelianov, located in the international wanted list, organized criminal community. In the struggle for power and conceal their criminal activities members of the group from 2003 to 2007 committed six murders of other members of the underworld, is said in the SU TFR in the Kaluga region. For the criminal activities they acquired firearms: combat, hunting and traumatic, as well as ammunition. During the searches, the accused found the radio station and special technical devices that scan the frequency of the radios of law enforcement officers».

In the end, the defendants were five: Igor Galantsev, Sergei Novgorodov Igor Semenov, Gennady Barons and Peter Turlaev. All were charged under articles «participation in criminal community» «Gangsterism» «Murder» (six episodes), «Illegal arms traffic,» «Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer», «Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health» and «Hooliganism».

Most likely, the trial will drag on for several months. However, before the final rout of the far — its leader Nikolay Emelyanov for several years is in the international wanted list. It is included in the ten most dangerous criminals for any information about which the interior Ministry promised a reward of one million rubles. In addition, according to investigators, remain on the loose and other community members, and the bill committed their murders of tens.