«Burnt with an iron, pushed out the window.» A report from the «control purchase» Nigerian prostitutes

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Chernyshevskoye (left) and employee of a brothel (right)«Burnt with an iron, pushed out the window.» A report from the «control purchase» Nigerian prostitutes© RIA Novosti / Alexandr Chernyshev

Marked bills, the camera-button, «Bulgarian», more than ten operatives and fighters — such resources are used for a unique special operation in Moscow. First, the security forces detained two black pimps red-handed, the sale of niharika businessman in the capital’s cafes, and then with a search warrant raided the brothel, where were the other girls. Details of the police RAID in an exclusive report RIA Novosti.

«Knocked the price down from 40 to 35 thousand dollars»

By eleven in the morning on October 23 in the office of the «Alternative» (public organization dedicated to the liberation of people from slavery) began to gather people. Many outerwear — holster with the service weapon. In total there were about twenty people: Opera, chemists, translators, technicians of Moscow criminal investigation Department, investigators, witnesses and volunteers. Office space turned into a real headquarters.

Have a unique operation: test purchase of Nigerian prostitutes. «According to legend I — rich the trader who wants 35 thousand dollars to get a obedient common-law wife. I liked a little Favor, I already did. Several times previously called pimps. Found out how well she cooks and never want to have my escape. I tried to convince that the answer for her dedication and exemplary behaviour. Said that the documents of niharika’s fine too. With an initial 40 thousand dollars knocked the price down to 35,» says RIA Novosti activist of the «Alternative» Vladimir Malinin (name changed at his request. — Approx. ed.).

Favor (her name is also changed. — Approx. ed.), like many other of niharika, Moscow has become a prostitute against their will. RIA Novosti published an article about rescuing these girls from sexual slavery. We are told how compatriots first, promise them a normal work or study in Russia, and on his arrival bullied bloody voodoo rites with the oath of allegiance, «MS», set the price for the freedom of 40-50 thousand dollars and forced to work off the debt by the body.

The same thing happened with the 19-year-old Favor. Tired of the prostitution and the beating of pimps, she decided to fight for themselves and agreed to cooperate with the activists of the «Alternative», which a few months ago called her as clients. This allowed us to gather evidence on «owners» and to bring the matter to the police.

After 15 minutes, we with the staff of the «Alternatives» go to the same cafe and sit nearby to a separate hall where at one of the tables already there are negotiations about the sale of niharika. Favor knows what’s going to happen, so she’s hard to remain calm.

Eating pizza and trying to talk on removed topics that staff did not suspect anything and did not spoil the operation. So far, pretty relaxed: David still and detention does not make sense.

However, something went wrong: half an hour later Vladimir on our eyes leaves the café. It was followed by we. It turned out, David is late for a few hours. Malinin not confused: told the pimp that runs nearby and as soon as «main» will return to continue negotiations. They agreed, and left to wait in a cafe.

During a forced break for lunch operatives are worried that the Favor may be too nervous and mess up the case. Apparently, the police worked the sixth sense. In a few minutes on the phone to Vladimir from it comes the following text message: «Why so long? I’m scared.» Agents in a cafe on the audio link confirm: «this Product is intense».

«Target is on approach»

Too late to retreat, Malinin remains nothing, except how to cheer a girl esemeski response: «don’t worry, everything is under control. Be strong!»

After three agonizing hours of waiting, the silence in the headquarters interrupts the radio: «the Alleged object is moving in the direction of the café. All original».

Vladimir goes first, followed in ten minutes and I’m the coordinator of the «Alternatives» Julia Siluyanova. She asked the waitress to put us there, «somewhere quiet». Bingo: go to the same hall and occupied the neighboring negotiating table — there is already everything in the collection.

Browsing the Nigerians back, I tell Julia about his recent vacation and lean on the tiramisu — the hand with the spoon was shaking slightly. From behind we can hear snatches of phrases:

Discount make. With her no end of problems! — traded Vladimir.

— The dollar and so grown up, and you’re the same money in rubles brought — so much for the discount — not win again David.

After 15 minutes the waiter brings our neighbors glasses with expensive cocktails. So they finally agreed and decided to celebrate the deal.

After another minute in the hall burst into five murovtsev: «the Moscow policy! Dont move!» They return was standing on the feet of big man David in place and put the cuffs on him. The same happens with the gift. From their table clean knives and forks — not to do anything stupid. Favor is deposited further away — back to the former owners.

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We asked to leave — the investigators need to examine the scene. Free operatives take Favor in the headquarters after the incident, her shakes. Fun to watch, as five burly policemen to soothe fragile black lady.

However, the Nigerian woman is not joking. «She used to beat me with a wire — all the time in the same place, and the rest of the girls were forced to keep. Directly in lingerie was pushed out of a second floor window. Burned with hot irons, starved. Please don’t give me back!» — in tears, begging Favor. On her arms and back scars. It seems that even seasoned operatives in shock from such revelations.

«All lie!»

The night is just beginning. While investigators examine the scene, we prepared to travel to a brothel. It kept other Nigerian. According to Favor, including 16-year-old Tara David took her virginity, to make healthy.

At four o’clock in the morning all ready to capture. Team fighters «grinder» sawing the door. Realizing that the smell of fried, girls open themselves. Shouting «Everybody down!» the SWAT Nigeria puts four on the floor: a pimp and three prostitutes, one of which is on view still a child.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Chernyshevski in Nigerian brothel«Burnt with an iron, pushed out the window.» A report from the «control purchase» Nigerian prostitutes© RIA Novosti / Alexander Chernyshevski in Nigerian brothel

Then it is taken for the detectives: turning over the entire apartment, among the mountains of shoes, clothes and wigs they find not less than twenty cell phones and notebooks, in which women led the accounting income.

We earn a fair profit! Updo. Don’t understand what you want here — trying through an interpreter to justify very pregnant all from the same David pimp. All dress wet armpits — it is clear that a nocturnal visit of the security forces did not give her the satisfaction.

— Yeah, look, thousands of dollars in laying earn. Incidentally, I also a shaman — only the tribe of MOORE. Suddenly will bring damage to the prison, so behave quietly. And translate, — said the policeman.

The other girls also babble in English that do not understand: someone is afraid of «mistress», and others already involved in dirty business and dream to manage in the same brothel, when to pay for their freedom.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Chernyshevskaya of Nigeria after search«Burnt with an iron, pushed out the window.» A report from the «control purchase» Nigerian prostitutes© RIA Novosti / Alexander Chernyshevskaya of Nigeria after a search

Soon on call staff come to the apartment owners. «Mother-in-law handed her the pregnant woman and David thought, couple. When he came for the rent, the Nigerian woman met her alone, everywhere was clean. We had no idea that a brothel here. Although to me the idea to hand over foreigners just do not like», — says the correspondent of RIA Novosti, Sergei, sad looking around the ransacked apartment.

After the required operational activities of the police taking Nigeria to the Department. «In the framework of operational search actions the staff of criminal investigation Department of the Moi of Russia in Moscow together with colleagues from the Department of internal Affairs on TSAO detained the unemployed 38-the summer inhabitant of Moscow region and the 25-year-old citizen of the Republic of Nigeria who are suspected of committing a transaction for the sale of countrywomen. Currently, suspects are transferred to investigating authorities for further procedural actions», — summarizes the results of the special operation, RIA Novosti press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow.

The investigative Committee has also carried out its part of the job. «GU SK across Moscow brought criminal case against the men and women on signs of the crime provided by part 2 of article 127.1 of the criminal code — «human trafficking moving across the state border of the Russian Federation», — said in a statement on the Agency’s website.

© Photo : NGO «Alternative»Suspected of committing a transaction for the sale of girls in the court room«Burnt with an iron, pushed out the window.» A report from the «control purchase» Nigerian prostitutes© Photo : NGO «Alternative»Suspected of committing a transaction for the sale of girls in the courtroom

In the evening of 26 October the first meeting of Tagansky district court of Moscow. «At the end of the gift and David the next two months will be spent in prison,» — said the Agency a source in the interior Ministry.

The criminal investigation is ongoing, RIA Novosti will monitor developments.