Crows and foxes: what to do if you found a wild animal in the city

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotoboekroemenie of bats on the ornithological station of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Curonian spitCrows and foxes: what to do if you found a wild animal in the city© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

In Metropolitan areas the wildlife species quite safely coexist with us, but sometimes they get themselves into trouble. Experts told, what to do if the animal or bird in trouble, where to go for help relevant professionals and other intricacies of the animal world.

The main thing is not to overdo it

Usually wild urban animals we meet on the street, but sometimes they accidentally fall into the spaces where they are difficult to get out. For example, bats often choose dark attics, abandoned country houses and other premises for the winter, tell in a press-service of the Moscow zoo.

Often open Windows to the townspeople a few birds. In the zoo suggest in this situation to open all the Windows wide open so that the bird can fly. If the animal is injured and can not fly, then you need to seek help to a specialized veterinary clinic, where the staff includes the watchers.

«In any case it is not necessary to attempt to cure birds: not having the necessary knowledge, skills and experience, man can only harm injured bird. The same applies to other wild animals», – warn in a press-service of the zoo. The maximum that can be done is to provide the animal alone and call the experts noted in the Metropolitan Department of natural resources.

On issues related to wildlife in the capital need to call in the unified referral service of the mayoralty of Moscow by phone (495)777-77-77.

First and foremost, this rule due to the fact that the average person is unlikely to be able to determine whether or not the animal is wounded and is it true he’s got something wrong with your health, says principal analyst, research support Center «reserves» Valery Orlov. «Trying to help the animal without special skills can lead to more serious injuries due to its resistance: the humane intentions of the human animals can perceive as a threat and will defend themselves,» – emphasizes the expert.

In veterinary clinics, according to the therapist of clinic «Vetmaster» Julia Skorokhod, many people finder or wild, or just a city stray animal. «People bring dogs and cats, birds, and for some reason, most crows. Sometimes treated with hedgehogs» – shares his experience of it.

Recently, for example, a crow with a broken wing surgeon Nikolai Shabunin spent osteosynthesis is put on a broken bone the metal structure to stabilize the fracture. Picked up the bird people cared for her during the illness that led to repeated.

The rescue of wild animals in the city are officers of the environmental Department, jointly with the emergencies Ministry. For further detention and rehabilitation of animals sent to the center keeping of wild animals Department. Also in this institution are animals found by citizens on the territory of Moscow. Further, some charges are passed to relevant government organizations, for example, in zoos or released into their natural habitat where these animals as ready to survive in nature.

The Agency warned that when dealing with a large animal such as a moose or a Fox in the city with maximum caution to leave the venue. «It is impossible to escape from them, to provoke them with the noise, trying to feed. We must remember that it is in any case a wild animal. Not even an aggressive animal with fright can cause serious injury to both themselves and the person», – specify in a press-service.