FAS told about the situation on the market of diesel fuel

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The situation on provision of the Russian market of diesel fuel are favorable to the growth of prices for gasoline is affected by market conditions, including the ruble, told reporters Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Anatoly Golomolzin.

«The diesel fuel situation is quite favorable from the point of view of resource availability and achievement of those parameters that are required in accordance with the instructions of the government and which are derived from the quadripartite agreement. Diesel fuel from the perspective of resource content of these,» said the Golomolzin.

«The market situation is such that prices are rising. Plus the issues associated with excise taxes, issues related to the change rate of the ruble, the unbinding rate of the ruble from the prices on the world market. This increases the dependence on the domestic market from world market prices», — said Deputy head of the FAS.

The Federal Antimonopoly service, Rostekhnadzor, Rosstandart and the oil company in 2011 signed agreements on programmes of construction and reconstruction of the refinery, providing their transfer to the production of gasoline of high grade. The agreements provided for reconstruction and construction of 127 units of secondary refining. Agreements contain obligations to supply fuel well domestic market.

The current joint order of FAS and energy Ministry suggests that oil companies occupying a dominant position on the market, with a view to the formation of a liquid stock market is to sell on the exchange 10% of the produce grades of gasoline, 5% of the produced diesel fuel, 10% of the produced jet fuel and 2% of the produced oil.