In Indonesia, ordered to inspect Boeing 737

© 2018 AFP / ADEK BERRYBoeing 737-800 of the airline Lion Air. Archival photo.In Indonesia, ordered to inspect Boeing 737© 2018 AFP / ADEK BERRY

The Indonesian authorities ordered local airline Lion Air and Garuda to conduct inspections of existing Boeing 737-Max, according to the newspaper Straits Times, with reference to the decree of the Minister of transport Wake of Karia Sumadi.

«Yesterday we sent a letter (airline ed.) Lion Air and Garuda on inspections. The results will be submitted to the national Committee for transportation safety to assist in the investigation,» — said the Minister.

According to the newspaper, the airline Lion Air has eight Boeing 737-Max, the Garuda is one aircraft of this type.

«There are things that need to be clarified. Before we analyze the actions of the crew and the possibility of error caused by human factor, we must inspect the aircraft,» — said the Indonesian Minister.

He noted that there will be a thorough and objective investigation. As writes the edition, the Boeing company provides technical assistance in the investigation of the disaster, at the request and under the direction of the authorities of the country.

The Boeing 737 Max budget airline Lion Air, carrying out flight from Jakarta on the island of Sumatra, crashed off the coast of West Java Friday morning. According to the airline, onboard there were 181 passengers, two pilots and six crew members. The representative of the rescue service said RIA Novosti that the crash no one survived.

Earlier it was reported that rescuers found the bodies of ten victims in the crash of the Boeing 737 MAX. The divers also brought 14 bags of parts. They were sent on DNA-examination.In Indonesia, ordered to inspect Boeing 737© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia aircraft in Indonesia