In Mexico detained going to the U.S. migrants from Honduras

© AFP 2018 / Pedro PardoКараван of migrants from Honduras to the USA on a bridge between Guatemala and Mexico. Archival photoIn Mexico detained going to the U.S. migrants from Honduras© 2018 AFP / Pedro Pardo

Two Honduran migrants from the caravan moving toward the border with the United States, was arrested on Monday for an armed attack on employees of Mexican police, according to the interior Ministry of Mexico.

According to authorities, the two migrants, including a minor, assaulted a Federal police with firearms in the municipality of Frontera Hidalgo Chiapas.

«Fortunately, their weapons seized, so they failed to hurt any of the Federal police,» – said in a communique. Migrants aged between 17 and 22 years were detained, they seized a Glock pistol.

In Mexico now goes to the U.S. the caravan of migrants from Honduras. Sunday kicked off another caravan of migrants from El Salvador. The US President Donald trump said that the us military is ready to meet the criminals and «bad guys» who come to the country in a convoy of migrants.