In Moscow at the Solovetsky stone, a rally of memory of victims of repression

© RIA Novosti / Peter Cerebrate in photoboxsource stone. Archival photo.In Moscow at the Solovetsky stone, a rally of memory of victims of repression© RIA Novosti / Peter Cerebrate the image Bank

The rally in day of memory of victims of political repression held at Lubyanka square near the Solovki stone in Moscow, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Came to the rally people laid flowers to the Solovetsky stone and lit candles. Near the monument was an exhibition with photos of the camps and stories about them.

According to the representative of the interdepartmental Commission of the government of Moscow on restoration of rights of rehabilitated victims of political repression Marina Suslova, just received about 400 applications for the event.

«On the one hand, indeed, was the victory which we should be proud of. Be sure to have something to remember and something to be proud of. But there was this period when their own citizens were subjected to repression — and this, too, cannot be forgotten. This memory is also sacred», — Suslova told RIA Novosti.

Chairman of the Board «Moscow memorial» Olga rakut’ko during a speech at the rally said that the venue for her so much: «We know every brick here. We have almost 30 years of going to this place. And I think that this place will not leave never. Every year on 30 October, we will be here to meet, of course.»

Solovetsky stone was erected on Lubyanka square on 30 October 1990. This day was officially declared as the Day of political prisoner in the USSR (now — the Day of memory of victims of political repression). Originally Solovetsky stone, brought by the society «memorial» from the Solovki, where there was a camp of special purpose, was regarded as a temporary version of the monument. However, a gray granite boulder has become a special symbol of Russia.