In Omsk called the cause of the later ducks to the South

© RIA Novosti / Tatiana of Laticework. Archival photoIn Omsk called the cause of the later ducks to the South© RIA Novosti / Tatiana Latysheva

The reason that the ducks still remain in Omsk parks has been a warm autumn, and not that they fattened the locals, reported RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of nature and environment, assuring that the birds will fly South.

Residents of Omsk in social networks began to worry about the ducks that live in the summer in local ponds and accustomed to feeding residents. According to them, the birds due to overeating can’t fly to warmer climes.

The MEP admitted that usually in late October in Omsk ducks on ponds to meet difficult, but the reason that this year they have not fled, were not compassionate locals, and warm autumn.

«Experts say that the situation is quite normal, and once installed the ice crust, the birds themselves will fly. This is normal and due to the fact that this year in Omsk prolonged warm autumn, which is why the ducks had not yet flown,» — said the Agency interlocutor.