In Perm the court upheld a sentence to the pensioner in the case of the poppy in the garden

© Photo : broadcasting company «Rifey-Perm»labor Veteran Igor Troshev at the hearing. Archival photo.In Perm the court upheld a sentence to the pensioner in the case of the poppy in the garden© Photo : a broadcasting company «Rifey-Perm»

Perm regional court upheld the sentence of a 64-year-old Igor Troshevo, sentenced to a year of probation for illegal cultivation of narcotic poppy, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«Guided by the relevant articles of the criminal procedure law of the Russian Federation, the court held that a sentence of the Perm regional court upheld», — announced the decision of the presiding judge Vladimir Galera.

In September the Perm district court sentenced 64-year-old resident of the village of Mokino Perm region trosheva to a year of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of 12 months for the poppy, which grew in his garden. He was found guilty of a crime under paragraph «b» of part 2 of article 231 of the criminal code («Illegal cultivation of plants containing narcotic substances»). According to prosecutors, from a private land plot of pensioner seized 467 bushes full grown poppy or about 4 kg of the plants.

Earlier the pensioner explained the emergence of the plants the fact that at the beginning of the summer season brought on a new ground. In addition, Troshev suggested that poppy seeds could have been planted.

In the court of appeal, the Prosecutor insisted on changing the category of crime less serious, to exempt from punishment trosheva.

However, the defense disagreed, because, according to lawyer Yegor Mikhailov, in this case it would mean an admission of guilt.

«At the moment we intend to file a cassation appeal against the decision of regional and district courts,» — said Mikhailov.

Commenting on the decision of the Perm regional court, the pensioner said that he had expected an excuse. «I’ve never done this before, and I was found guilty. In old age, anything without distinction, condemned. How much health lost from-for experiences!», said Troshev.