In Tuapse plan to upgrade urban stormwater drainage after flooding

© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Volkodavova floods in Tuapse. 29 Oct 2018In Tuapse plan to upgrade urban stormwater drainage after flooding© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Wolfhound

Authorities affected by the flooding of Tuapse will develop the project of modernization of the stormwater, told RIA Novosti the head of the Tuapse district Anatoly Rusin.

«The law is the funding of regional, Federal. If today we say that we see the results that it needs to be, then we have the ministries that we support… all that is connected with safety of people. We will develop a technical solution, then we will prepare a project that will allow the necessary flow of all these waters in Tuapse, make a request to the Ministry of Finance, and I am sure will support us,» said Rusin.

Due to heavy rains in the Tuapse and Apsheron districts, as well as in Sochi, there was a flood. Entered emergency mode, partially evacuated population, online services translated into enhanced mode. Six people were killed, the whereabouts of two people. According to the MOE, as of Tuesday, the evaluation Committee recognized the victims 2,5 thousand houses, which are home to 6528. At the moment the government pay compensation to podtoplentsam.

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