Japan decided to use as an experiment, TRANS-Siberian railway

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobackgrounds train. Archival photoJapan decided to use as an experiment, TRANS-Siberian railway© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Japan intends to carry out the logistics of the experiment, using the TRANS-Siberian railway and ferry line between Russia, Japan and South Korea.

This statement was made Vice-Governor of Tottori Prefecture, Nogawa Satoshi at the conference of the governors of the countries of northeast Asia, held in Vladivostok in the framework of the 23rd summit on international exchange and cooperation of regional administrations of the countries Severo-East Asia.

According to him, the main task is to form a new transport corridor through the inclusion in the ferry line DBS, which is an important «by sea», the Chinese province of Jilin, and later other areas.

«To this end, in April of this year, Tottori Prefecture, in cooperation with representatives of the Jilin province, has ensured the entry of DBS ferry in the port of Zarubino with subsequent customs clearance and transportation of cargo from the port of Zarubino in China in a test mode. Compared with the use of Dalian port was achieved at a higher speed of transportation, at the same time identified a number of problems that require solutions,» said Satoshi.

Earlier, Japanese newspaper «Yomiuri» reported that Russia and Japan are planning to use the TRANS-Siberian railway for the development of so-called «third supply» of goods
between the two countries.

Now cargo between Japan and Russia are delivered mainly either by air or by sea. According to the Japanese Ministry of transportation, time of transportation by sea ranged from 53 to 62 days. Shipping by plane is much faster, but still costly.

According to experts, transportation of goods on the Transsiberian railway will allow to reduce the costs of companies up to 40 percent, and delivery time will be about 20-27 days.