Japan intends to resume construction of a military airfield in Okinawa

© Photo : U.S. Air Force / Staff Sgt. Benjamin SuttonИстребитель USAF F-15 takes off from Kadena base, Japan. Archive photoJapan intends to resume construction of a military airfield in Okinawa© Photo : U.S. Air Force / Staff Sgt. Benjamin Sutton

The government of Japan intends to resume in the near future work on the construction of a new airfield for the us armed forces on Okinawa, told reporters on Tuesday the Minister of defense of Japan Takeshi Ivaya.

«We are preparing, it depends, in part, from the weather, but I want to resume work as soon as possible», — he said.

In August the local government of Okinawa has withdrawn the provision of land for the construction of the airfield in a coastal area Henoko where you plan to move a U.S. military base «Futenma» out of the densely populated city of Ginowan.

Minister of land and transport of Japan, Keiichi Ishii, said on Tuesday that rejected the decision of the local authorities of Okinawa at the request of the Ministry of defence of the country.

«According to the analysis of documents filed with the Ministry of defence and the authorities of Okinawa Prefecture decided to suspend the withdrawal of a permit (for construction),» Ishii told reporters.

More than 20 years ago, the Japanese government adopted a plan of closing the US military base in Ginowan. First, it was assumed to withdraw the base outside the Prefecture, but then it was decided to relocate the base within the island and construction for this new airport in Henoko. Local authorities oppose this, based on public opinion of the local population, however, Japan’s Central government is bound by obligations with the U.S. security and forced them to perform.