Muscovites have been advised to be careful when feeding squirrels in winter

CC0 / Arcaion / Squirrel eating a nut. Archival photoMuscovites have been advised to be careful when feeding squirrels in winterCC0 / Arcaion /

Residents of Moscow often try to feed squirrels and birds with the arrival of cold weather, to help them survive the winter, however experts recommend to citizens to be careful when feeding the squirrels and not to forget that they are wild animals, told RIA Novosti in «Mospeada».

«In the city over the Golden autumn, and with it the warm weather. More concerned citizens rush to help our younger brothers and begin to feed squirrels and birds. Some publications even publish the information where you can feed squirrels with it. Video squirrel eating with hands is not only very cute and will score a lot of «likes», but can become a cause of treatment in the nearest medical institution», — warned in the institution on Tuesday.

As the specialists explain, «Mospeada» protein, though small, but a wild animal, and predict its behavior is almost impossible. Second, squirrel is a rodent that is a potential carrier of diseases that are dangerous to humans. Thirdly, the squirrel bite can be quite painful because of the sharp incisors.

«In that case, if you are bitten or just scratched up blood, you should immediately contact the medical institution where the specialists will hold a vaccination» — recommend in «Mospeada».

Previously on «Moorpark» reported that the feed the squirrels with hands in Gorky Park, Izmailovskaya Park, the estate Vorontsov, parks in Philly, Kuzminki, Tsaritsyno, Lianozovo Park, Sokolniki Park, Hermitage garden and Perovsky Park.

Feed a protein can be seeds, dried fruit, all raw and unsalted nuts, except almonds. In addition, some parks have vending machines for food.