NATO held in Norway, a demonstration of amphibious assault operations

© Photo : U.S. Army / Spc. Dakota Waidmannslust on NATO exercises. Archive photoNATO held in Norway, a demonstration of amphibious assault operations© Photo : U.S. Army / Spc. Dakota Young

The command of the NATO exercises in Norway was held on Tuesday for military leaders of NATO countries and observers of the demonstration amphibious operation in which were involved forces and means of several countries.

According to legend, the exercise, the allies were to conduct reconnaissance of the stretch of coast occupied imaginary enemy. For this was attracted by means of air and naval intelligence. After clarification of the positions of the enemy on them with air-strikes were carried out.

Then the ships of the amphibious delivered to the coast the personnel of the air assault units that, when landing on the coast acted together with units of the special forces.

After the assault firing positions of the opponent and fixation on the ground was carried out the phase of unloading on the coast of light armored vehicles.

The operation was carried out by two groups, one of which were involved forces of the French and British forces, the other operated by the Dutch, supported by aircraft, particularly attack helicopters.

After Stripping the coast and the settlement of tasks in the area of operation was transferred to land and armored units.

At the end of the demonstration, which was broadcast on the website of the Alliance, the representative of command of the exercise, observers said that the exercise «proved the ability of the Alliance to ensure the transfer of power over long distances, and interoperability of the national forces.»