Roskoshestvo told how to choose a tasty pumpkin

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. Experts Roskoshestvo gave recommendations on how to choose a tasty pumpkin different types of this vegetable, and what is its benefit, is spoken in the message of the organization.

There are three groups of pumpkins: large, twardogora and nutmeg. Large-fruited pumpkin is a large round fruit, the weight of which can reach several hundred kilograms. «This variety is characterized by a variety of … color from cream to deep yellow or even bright orange. This fruit is rich in sugar content and carotene, and therefore it is well suited for baking, vegetable stew. It does not lose its consumer properties during long-term storage», — stated in the message.

Twardogora pumpkin is also round, but not big fruit, but quickly will sing and she has the most delicious seeds. «The flesh of it is a bit stiff, so this pumpkin is more suitable for soups, purees. Compared to large-fruited pumpkin from twardogora the peel is thicker and rougher, and the flesh is more fibrous and loose,» — says the experts.

Butternut squash, according to experts, the most delicious and sweet. «Its flesh has a dense buttery texture, without excessive fibers. By the way, the pulp may contain up to 11.5% sugar, making it a good dessert» — Roskoshestvo. Experts clarify that the most widespread varieties are pear shaped — «Butternut» (oil nut), which is dominated by trade.

Some pumpkins can taste bitter – this is due to the content of cucurbitacin connection common to all members of the family Cucurbitaceae. The reason for their accumulation can be excessive heat and lack of watering. Cucurbitacin have a complex of positive properties: anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory. Pumpkins of all types contain a lot of sugars, pectin and carotene. Rich pumpkin and minerals, especially potassium, calcium, phosphorus. The seeds contain large amount of fats and proteins.

«Choosing a pumpkin at the store in the first place, you should focus on the fact that the fruit was ripe. The peel of the fruit should be firm, without significant damage, with the dried stalk — tail. Size, color of the fruit significant impact on its consumer properties has no», — experts say. In addition, for sanitary safety they are not recommended to buy half of a pumpkin.