The fallen crane damaged part of the deck of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov»

© Photo : JSC «shipyard 82″Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Northern fleet Admiral Kuznetsov in the floating dock at the 82nd shipyard. Archive photoThe fallen crane damaged part of the deck of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov»© Photo : JSC «82 shipyard»

Fallen from the floating dock PD-50 crane damaged only the repaired part of the deck of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov», said RIA Novosti head of the press service of the Center for ship repair «Zvezdochka» (by contract) Eugene Gladyshev.

«At this point, the deck was opened, so the damage affected to a greater part of the equipment, not the deck» — he said.

«Admiral Kuznetsov» September is the scheduled maintenance in a floating dock (PD-50) on 82-m plant in Murmansk.

In the night of Tuesday there was a failure in the electricity supply, tank PD-50 were filled, and Doc abruptly went under water. Two victims remain in hospital, two received outpatient care, another person was missing.

After that, the cruiser was taken in the 35th ship repair plant near Murmansk, he received damage that can affect the timing of modernization.

PD-50 is one of the largest in the region of the floating docks. According to the list of affiliated persons of JSC «82-nd ship repair plant», 0,0001% of its shares belongs to the state represented by the Ministry of defence, all others — subsidiary company «Rosneft».