The flooding of the floating dock has not damaged the ecology of the Murmansk region

© Photo : Roslyakovo | Official group Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Northern fleet Admiral Kuznetsov in the floating dock at the 82nd shipyard. October 27, 2018The flooding of the floating dock has not damaged the ecology of the Murmansk region© Photo : Roslyakovo | Official group

The flooding of the floating dock PD-50, according to preliminary data, caused damage to the ecology of the Murmansk region, the report said Rosprirodnadzor.

«According to preliminary data, environmental damage, safety of the Murmansk region is not caused. In the near future will be the sampling carried out the analysis for the maximum allowable concentrations of contaminants on-site emergency», is given in the message words of the head of the Baltic-Arctic marine Rosprirodnadzor Yuri Yakovlev.

In the night of Tuesday when the contractor 82nd ship repair plant — operations for launching heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser «Admiral Kuznetsov» has occurred emergency was filled with non-standard tank floating dock PD-50, and Doc abruptly went under water. In addition, the fallen crane floating dock has damaged part of the deck of an aircraft carrier. The incident occurred in the village of Roslyakovo in the Murmansk region.

As the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexey Rakhmanov, the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov» has not received significant damage due to flooding the dock, the finishing date will remain the same.