The sunken floating dock in Murmansk in size comparable to the red square

© Photo : JSC «shipyard 82″Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Northern fleet Admiral Kuznetsov floating dock. Archive photoThe sunken floating dock in Murmansk in size comparable to the red square© Photo : JSC «82 shipyard»

The sunken area in Murmansk the floating dock PD-50 was equal to 23 thousand square meters, which is comparable to the size of red square in Moscow, follows from materials placed on the website of the 82nd ship-repair plant.

In the night of Tuesday during the operation in the launching of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov» took place in an emergency situation, in which PD-50 abruptly went under water. Four people were injured, one of whom is in critical condition in intensive care, one staff member was missing. As the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov, the «Admiral Kuznetsov» has not received significant damage, the timing of completion of the repair remain the same.

«The company only in the European part of Russia the floating dock with a lifting capacity of 80 thousand tons and the area of the berth-deck 23 thousand square meters (PD-50) makes it unique in the region by dock repair large ships, strategic nuclear submarines, transport vessels of more than 25 thousand tons», — said on the website of the plant.

According to the materials from open sources, the territory of red square in Moscow is about 24 thousand square meters.

The plant is located in a residential area of Roslyakovo of Murmansk on the Eastern shore of the Kola Bay, between the southern extremity of the lip Roslyakova and the Northern extremity of the lip Turbans-Gun. The factory covers an area of 99.8 hectares and the water area with an area of 1.41 square kilometers.