Transport aircraft an-124 «Ruslan» has exposed on sale online

© RIA Novosti / Pavel Davydovskyy An-124 Ruslan. Archival photoTransport aircraft an-124 «Ruslan» has exposed on sale online© RIA Novosti / Pavel Davydov

One of the most well known resources for online ads Avito posted information about the sale of Soviet heavy transport aircraft An-124 «Ruslan».

«Central Agency of the collateral (CASI) scores: An-124 is a Soviet long range heavy transport aircraft of the fourth generation, developed by OKB im. O. K. Antonov», — said in the announcement.

There are characteristics of the aircraft and its price — 833,2 million rubles. In the announcement it is reported that the plane was released in 1994 and now is «in satisfactory condition».

An-124 «Ruslan» is one of the most lifting aircraft in the world. It was developed in the first half of 1980-ies in the Antonov design Bureau in cooperation with leading Federal research institutes, enterprises, organizations of aviation industry and ministries. Currently, there is a question on prolongation of terms of operation of aircraft of this type, as the D-18 engines installed on them, were produced in Ukraine and their service can not be implemented due to the political situation.

Earlier, the President of «United aircraft Corporation» Yuri Slyusar said that the Corporation together with the Ministry of defence is starting to work on the creation of a new transport aircraft that would replace the «Ruslan». The transport aircraft division of UAC said that in the framework of the feasibility study program STTS (super-heavy military transport aircraft) «measures designed to maintain the health of the» Park An-124 and Il-76.

Later, the industrial Director of the aviation cluster of the state Corporation «rostec» Anatoly Serdyukov told RIA Novosti that the company «Rostec» began making individual parts and Assembly units for engines D-18T. According to him, repair of engines D-18T in Russia is engaged in a company not included in neither UEC nor rostec, and such work is already deployed.