Trump believes the conclusion of the «great» trade deal with China

© AFP 2018 / Geoff RobinsОттава. Canada. Archival photoTrump believes the conclusion of the «great» trade deal with China© AFP 2018 / Geoff Robins

The US President Donald trump said that he believes the conclusion of the «great» trade deal with China, but China is not yet ready for it.

«China has benefited our country economically. And you will see we will win (for economic confrontation with China – ed.)… I could even make a deal now, but they are not yet ready», — he told on air of TV channel Fox News.

«I think we make great trade deal with China. And it should be great. They enjoyed us getting 500 billion from us annually. This will not happen again,» added trump.

He said that he hoped to conclude a good bargain with a new Brazilian government.

A trade war between China and the United States began after July 6 of this year came into force the mutual increased customs duties between these countries. USA imposed a duty of 25% on 818 import of goods from China total volume of supply in 34 billion dollars a year. As a countermeasure, China on the same day, imposed a duty of 25% on import of equivalent amount of American goods. In late September, entered into force the new US tariff of 10% on goods from China import volume at $ 200 billion a year. China introduced in response to the fee at the rate of 10% and 5% on American imports with a volume of $ 60 billion.