USC may sue for topsecret for the repair of «Admiral Kuznetsov»

© Photo : Northwest SU transport IC Russiaon the site of the sinking of the floating dock PD-50 in the 82nd plant in MurmanskUSC may sue for topsecret for the repair of «Admiral Kuznetsov»© Photo : Northwest SU on transport SK of Russia

United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) does not preclude the submission of claims to the plant of «Rosneft» on compensation for the additional repairs of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov» after the state of emergency in a floating dock, told reporters the head of the USC Alexey Rakhmanov.

In the night of Tuesday when the contractor 82nd ship repair plant — operations for launching heavy aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov» there was an emergency situation due to the disruption in the supply of electricity was filled with non-standard tank floating dock PD-50 floating dock abruptly went under the water, in addition, the fallen crane floating dock has damaged part of the deck of an aircraft carrier.

«Doc went to the bottom. It’s not our Doc, is Doc the 82nd plant which belongs «Rosneft» — said Rakhmanov.

«We’ll have to do it. Because the Ministry of defence does not accept your insurance costs, respectively, the repair of the ship was not insured. We will have those jobs that we need, accordingly, to put the lawsuits because of those who could not complete the docking operation,» — said Rakhmanov, responding to a question about whether USC to go to court.

He noted that the incident — the problem of the service provider. «There is damage, which there wasn’t supposed to be at this stage of the renovation, the budget is still there, quite close, and if we need to go with some claim to cover part or all of the costs, we will do so. For the amount that applies to those damages that were caused by the fall of the crane and emergency exit from the dock», he added.

According to the list of affiliated persons of JSC «82 shipyard», 0,0001% of its shares belongs to the Russian Federation in the person of the defense Ministry, others — subsidiary company «Rosneft».