«And here and there I’m a stranger». As Kiev was used and thrown away supporters of independence from Russia

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate in fotoracconti radical opposition barricade on Institutskaya street in Kiev«And here and there I’m a stranger». As Kiev was used and thrown away supporters of independence from Russia© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate the image Bank

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin confirmed that Ukrainians can have another citizenship. With a caveat: the only non-Russian. «Those who have these passports, let them rent» — he called. Another round of Russophobic hysteria is not surprising. More surprising: why Kiev is so cold even to those Russians who support the Maidan and fought in the volunteer battalions against the breakaway republics of Donbass. Some citizens of Russia who moved to the Ukraine, threatening the local security forces and nationalists. About disappointment and broken fates — in the material RIA Novosti.

«Many are in the international wanted list»

Russian citizen Roman Strigunov chose independence beliefs. In the fall of 2013 he went to Kiev to support a «revolution of a gidnost» (dignity. — Approx. ed.). «Moskal, who supported Ukraine. It was a bomb in the press, I was courted by journalists. Running around with stones, fought with the «Berkut,» he recalls. However, Strigankova there was another motivation, more down to earth: at home he faces a criminal case for extremism. Realizing what might be behind bars, he quickly got ready and went to Kiev. The case was filed, and in December 2017 Strigankova in absentia condemned. A Russian Novel now everything is difficult, but Ukraine did not become his second home.

Like many other «political emigrants», Strigunov realized that for Ukrainian nationalists he never will. «I am here and belong here. On the one hand, no one in Russia wanted to hear my words that I have not seen the «Right sector» of Maidan. On the other — I literally attacked the Russian opposition and Ukrainian nationalists: «You zradnik! (a traitor. — Approx. ed.) You have no right to speak about Ukraine!» For what? Because I said the obvious: to power after Euromaidan, came the oligarchs, the local politics, the PANOPTICON was not going to do what his representatives deklarirovanie in the square. Frustration I came quickly — in the spring of 2014,» says Roman.

The same way, according to him, were other Russians who believed in the ideals of the Ukrainian revolution. «Now working for a small salary, not their specialty. When Ukraine began the process of integration in Europe, we were hoping that we ourselves will find our place. We lost. We are bankrupt! Most of those who fought in the Donbass, can not get any status of combatants, nor citizenship. Some are in the Federal wanted list, others in the international» — describes the setting of the novel.

At the beginning of October Kiev hosted a rally with the requirement to give Ukrainian citizenship «Legionnaires ATO» (anti-terrorist operation in Kiev called the fighting in the Donbass). Who fought for the Kiev regime, the Russians are in a desperate situation. «To find a job with a Russian passport is almost impossible. To go home in any case can not — I was immediately jailed. And in migratory service is not the first time talking about possible expulsion from Ukraine,» — complained to reporters one of the protesters.

The cold reception awaited not only many ordinary participants of the Maidan and ATO. The principle of «Pam yatai, cuzineti, then the proprietor Ukrainian» («Remember, a stranger, a Ukrainian master here». — Approx. ed.) applied to well-known personalities. Even to those who faithfully served the Kiev and had nothing to do with Russia. So, in 2016, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Lozovoy suggested that the head of national police Katie Dekanoidze to leave Ukraine back in Georgia. Dekanoidze said parliamentarians should be tolerant to other nationalities. The response was immediate. «No one will ever forbid me in my country and in my native land to be a nationalist!» — put in place Dekanoidze Deputy Igor Mosiychuk. He added: «the Lord is there — Ukrainians».

If Parliament so meet invited by the government of the authoritative specialist, what to speak of ordinary mortals from Russia, which Ukraine had not been asked. Nationalists explain everything very clearly. Many Russians received direct or veiled message: «You are not welcome here!»

«Remove the headdress, get on your knees»

Ukraine has chosen and Maria Gaidar, the daughter of the famous reformer Yegor Gaidar. In 2015 she first became a councillor, and then Deputy of another famous reformer Mikheil Saakashvili, who then headed the Odessa region. In the same year, according to her, she filed the disclaimer from Russian citizenship. The interior Ministry of Russia, however, received it only in the fall of 2016.

In the same 2016 Gaidar faced a Ukrainian political realities. To the clerk came to the activists of the Odessa Maidan and demanded to immediately resign and repent. «Remove the headdress, get on your knees and ask forgiveness. You can only cry and drink at the restaurant,» the lady of the fingers explained who she was and what she had to do. Soon Gaidar resigned from his post. However, in 2017, became a freelance Advisor Poroshenko.

Novel Striganov says that Ukrainian politicians, like the radical nationalists do not need to be helpers and companions. Iconic characters from Russia, they are only used for propaganda purposes. «Here are strangers. Saw Masha Gaidar in Kiev. She passed through the square, nobody even turned around — there it is not interesting. There are» — he explained.

Another high-profile murder of a Russian citizen occurred in Kiev in July 2016: blew up the car at which wheel there was a journalist Pavel Sheremet. He finally moved to Ukraine after the victory of Maidan and the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass, worked in the local media. A result called the basic version of murder professional work of the Federation.

This year, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko said that the security service is spying on journalists critical of President Petro Poroshenko. In particular, the MP noted that in 2015 found a surveillance at the apartment where he lived Sheremet. «Journalists uncovered the facts of participation of the SBU in the surveillance of Pavel Sheremet require the immediate reaction of President Poroshenko», — appealed to the head of the state Leshchenko. There was no answer. By that time, the police classified all judicial decisions in this case.

Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin has moved to the land of eternal Maidan in 2014. And in 2017 and went to fight for Kiev in Donbass. Joined the ranks of the volunteer battalion «Aratta» and talked about «getting high» from his new class. Perhaps it was because, unlike the personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine, in Donbass «Aratta» was considered, in General, operetta formation. Soon Amateur dobrobat tired of the APU command fighters just kicked from the front.

However, before that, about Pashinin had to remove a few motivational videos. The actor talked about what delight feels from the war. But then something went wrong. The star screen has suddenly started to create problems. «I threatened the representative of the SBU, a homosexual kind young man with such vile gait, with deviant behavior. He told me that I hung,» complained Pashinin.

The actor added that his phone is tapped. To deal with wiretapping Pashinin decided in an original way — provoking the security forces. «I say into the phone, terrible things that the secret services could use these records against me, then I will have proof that bugged me,» he boasted.

© REUTERS / Gleb GaranichАнатолий Pashinin in Kiev«And here and there I’m a stranger». As Kiev was used and thrown away supporters of independence from Russia© REUTERS / Gleb GaranichАнатолий Pashinin in Kiev

At the call of the revolution left Russia and moved to Ukraine actor Alexei Gorbunov. He supported the military operation of Kiev against the inhabitants of Donbass. However, Paradise new home did not. In 2016, Gorbunov said: in the land of bad jobs. And a year later admitted in an interview that the artist of his level to do in Ukraine by and large nothing. Moreover, Gorbunov was smarter pashinina and not to cut down straight from the shoulder: he regularly made statements that the two countries should make peace and that with Russia it is a lot of common. Oddly enough, despite such statements, the artist didn’t ask «thing on the way out».

«Designated teachers take the activists of the Maidan»

In General, the Russian supporters of the Maidan and the ATO do not take any of the official Kiev, nor the authorities nor the Ukrainian nationalists-activists. Director of international projects of national strategy Institute Yuri Solozobov explains: «the Ukrainian political project of moving towards a permanent radicalization. Even in the army instead of military greeting took the chants of the militants underground, destroy the peace population: «Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!» The heroes recognized the murderers of women and children. I think after Volyn soon feat call what happened in Katyn — when the Ukrainian nationalists massacred the Belarusian village. Why be shy? The political struggle after the revolution, turns off common sense. And radicals no allies and volunteers are not needed.»

Solozobov notes that the nationalists gradually get rid of the «useful idiots» — those who voluntarily support the regime. «Fellow travelers, even the most faithful, ardent revolutionaries sooner or later repressed. They are not saved no merit. The same logic in Ukraine — a stranger do not belong there. But the Ukrainian nationalist tornado will not stop — it is, as a permanent revolution, will spill outside of the crumbling country. And countries bordering with Ukraine, it is necessary to take responsibility for its future, to demand the de-Nazification of the Kiev regime. Today the intransigence of the Russian, even supported the Maidan, showing politicized the Ukrainians, who themselves are mostly studied in Russian. But what about tomorrow? Designated teachers in schools and universities are already all sorts of activists of the Maidan and ATO veterans (participants of military operations in the Donbass. — Approx. ed.). Who will raise and they will learn?» — asks the analyst.«And here and there I’m a stranger». As Kiev was used and thrown away supporters of independence from Russia© Vertical (2006)Actor Pashinin Ukrainians compared with a colony of Papuans

The former Deputy of the Odessa city Council, is a historian and a political refugee from the Ukraine, Alexander Vasilyev explains that it’s also the position of the Russians, who have chosen the ideals of the Maidan: «All these Russian characters who actively took the side of Ukraine — haters, haters of the official Russian authorities. They oppose themselves to the Russian state, his head. They are cute was this coincidence of views. And the fact that under the hatred of the politicians and state can be hatred to Russia and Russian, for them, was a revelation. They, the Russians, sworn Maidan, thought it was propaganda.»

Vasiliev believes that to integrate into Ukrainian political society, the Russian immigrants will not work: «They come in a Ukrainian environment, and it radicalized beyond measure. The totalitarian society, to integrate into it».

*Extremist organization banned in Russia.