Drone involved in the search for the missing emergency with plavdok in Murmansk

© Photo : Northwest SU transport IC Russiaon the site of the sinking of the floating dock PD-50 in the 82nd plant in MurmanskDrone involved in the search for the missing emergency with plavdok in Murmansk© Photo : Northwest SU on transport SK of Russia

The search for the missing in the sinking of the floating dock in Murmansk replacement mechanics continued Wednesday morning with the help of forces of the emergency services, the Northern fleet and the drone of the Ministry of emergency situations, told RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Committee on security of the population of Murmansk region Vladimir Gusev.

«From 9.00 am the search resumed, raised an additional division of emergency services Federal – in a single calculation, one regional, plus a drone. In conjunction with the Northern fleet will continue to test the waters – we will carry out all the activities,» said Gusev.

In addition, professionals will have to monitor the oil spill on the scene. According to the information of the operational headquarters, Doc sank in shallow water, but the visibility in the water is difficult. «One side of the dock is at a depth of 30-40 meters, the other is 7-10 meters. While there is dirty all the while it is difficult to understand: oil, dirt, dregs from the bottom and so on,» — said Gusev.

According to him, the missing — shift mechanic Victor Protsenko, born in 1960. How many will continue his quest while no one can say – it depends on the circumstances of the work, weather conditions and other factors.

In hospitals after the incident on the dock remain two people. One condition was stabilized, but he’s unconscious, you’ll be on the ventilator, the second condition concerns the doctors causes.

In the night of Tuesday when the contractor 82nd ship repair plant — operations for launching heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser «Admiral Kuznetsov» emergency situation: have been a part-filled tank of the floating dock PD-50, and he suddenly went under water. In addition, the fallen crane dock has damaged part of the deck of an aircraft carrier. The incident occurred in the village of Roslyakovo in Murmansk. The sunken dock area is 23 thousand square meters, which is comparable to the size of red square in Moscow.