Foreign Minister of Britain will talk about the extension of the diplomatic network

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in photobacteria the British foreign office in London. Archival photo.Foreign Minister of Britain will talk about the extension of the diplomatic network© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

The British foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt will speak on Wednesday evening with a great speech, which tell the details of the upcoming expansion of the British diplomatic network, as well as about the opportunity to become ambassadors to people from the diplomatic community.

«The extent of our friendly relations has no analogues. And they are based on more than just a common history, language or culture. They are based on our values: democracy, the rule of law, separation of powers, respect for individual civil and political rights, faith in free trade – that’s what binds us together. When these values are under threat, task, and, in fact, the duty of Britain to protect them. That is why we should become an invisible chain connecting the world of democracy», — stated in the text of the speech, fragments of which are available to RIA Novosti.

UK out of the EU 29 March 2019, and is currently negotiating with the EU on the terms Brexit are at an impasse: it is unclear yet whether it will be possible to reach agreement, or the United Kingdom will leave the EU without agreement. Hunt will speak at the research center Policy Exchange.

The Minister noted that now the democratic values «are in greater danger than ever since the fall of the Berlin wall,» but because the UK, taking responsibility to become «invisible chain», it is necessary to «strengthen and expand the British diplomacy.»

Among the proposed measures – the provision of opportunities to take some positions of ambassadors to people who are not civil servants.

«The strength of our diplomatic network in her professionalism that has allowed us to create, I believe, the best diplomatic service in the world. But we must never ignore the ability and expertise of people from other industries,» — said in the text of the speech.

Also hunt will tell you the details of the forthcoming enlargement of the diplomatic corps. Will create 12 new positions and an additional thousand jobs, including 335 new diplomatic posts abroad and 328 of the new posts in London. The Minister will announce the opening of a new Embassy in Djibouti, the new mission of the Association of South-East Asia in Jakarta and the transformation of the British representative in the Republic of Chad in a full-fledged Embassy.

Also, the British foreign office plans to significantly strengthen language training employees: the number of diplomats abroad who speak local languages, will be doubled, from 500 to 1 thousand people, and the number of languages taught in the foreign office, will increase from 50 to 70. In particular, diplomats will be studying the Kazakh and Kyrgyz languages as well as Gujarati.