In Kazakhstan, the child died after treatment with lice medicine

© Sputnik / Anatoly to Untenantability in fotoreceptori ambulance in Kazakhstan. Archival photoIn Kazakhstan, the child died after treatment with lice medicine© Sputnik / Anatoly to Untenantability the image Bank

Two children were poisoned after treatment with lice medicine – one child died. The tragedy occurred in the village of Tuganbay Talgar district of Almaty region, according to Sputnik Kazakhstan.

«Mother with the aim of destroying lice on the head smeared with neocidol, diluted with water, the head of two children. After that, the children reported vomiting, lethargy, weakness, loss of consciousness, frothy discharge from the mouth,» explained the health Department of the region.

Children was rushed to the hospital. Year-old girl died in the ambulance of the village. The second child is five years — is now at the Department of anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive therapy of the Almaty regional children’s clinical hospital.

Neocidol used for treatment of parasites of agricultural animals in veterinary medicine.