In Mexico detained two migrants from Honduras, the suspects in the killings

© AFP 2018 / Pedro PardoКараван of migrants from Honduras to the USA on the road in the city Metapa in Mexico. 22 Oct 2018In Mexico detained two migrants from Honduras, the suspects in the killings© AFP 2018 / Pedro Pardo

Mexican authorities have identified and arrested two suspects in respect of which are issued by the Honduran arrest warrant, among the migrants heading towards the USA as part of the caravan, said Tuesday the interior Ministry.

«The Federal police of Mexico and the national migration Institute has identified two Honduran citizens, against which the existing issued arrest warrants for crimes related to murder and drug trafficking, and they were returned to the country», — said in a communique Department.

In Mexico now goes to the U.S. the caravan of migrants from Honduras. Sunday kicked off another caravan of migrants from El Salvador. The US President Donald trump said that the us military is ready to meet the criminals and «bad guys» who come to the country in a convoy of migrants.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday another large group of migrants from Central America started to arrive in the Mexican city of Tapachula, Chiapas, after passing the border control, reports channel Telesur. In turn, the office of civil defense in Chiapas reports that provides these people with water. Many migrants settle down for the night in Central Park Tapachula.