In Perm died a famous cat meme Nonono cat

It became known about death of the cat of the Marquis, who is known on YouTube as the Nonono cat, according to the portal

It is noted that the cat died at the end of June this year, before reaching two months before his sixteenth.

The Marquis is known for the clip on YouTube, which attracted 12 million hits. As told by a cat owner, this video he made back in 2004, when his friend came with her daughter to visit, and the cat reacted poorly to the child, which was caught on video. Online video hit in 2011.

«The Marquis, barely seeing her, yelled durnin. Screamed as three hours, my friend tried to calm him down. As soon as the girl approached, the Marquis was hysterical,» recalls the owner.

He also said that the Marquis was a very unusual and picky.

«A month could not think of a name. And then I noticed that the kitten is very selective attitude to everything, like some Baron or Marquis. There were only two trays. Loved the cleanliness. Loved melon, olives and carrots,» added Andrew.

The owner of the Marquis also noted that a famous movie with his cat brought to him about six thousand dollars. In addition, Awnings were very popular around the world.

«Once I was broadcast with Japanese television channel in the program «Good morning Japan». Showed my Marquis and on Animal Planet,» — said the owner of the cat.