In Veneto estimated damage from the weather

© AFP 2018 / Miguel MedinaТуристы walk through flooded streets near the Rialto bridge during seasonal high water in Venice, Italy. 29 Oct 2018In Veneto estimated damage from the weather© AFP 2018 / Miguel Medina

The damage caused by the bad weather of the Northern Italian region of Veneto, the first estimate is about a billion euros, declared the President of the region Luca, Jaya, who on Wednesday toured the most affected areas.

Bad weather with heavy rains, strong gusty winds, floods and landslides have hit many areas of Italy on Sunday. On Monday at the direction of the national service of Civil defence «red» (highest) level mediaopened has been declared in five areas in the North of the country. Over the past two days in the Apennines as a result of various weather events killed 12 people, including two residents of Veneto, where the situation is especially serious situation.

Because of the wind, the speed of which exceeded 130 kilometers per hour in the area were knocked down or uprooted large trees, which damaged power lines. As a result, about 160 thousand inhabitants of the region on Monday were left without electricity. Currently their number is about 100 thousand people.

In the administrative center of the region is Venice under water was almost 75% of the historic city, including the world famous Piazza San Marco. For the fifth time in its long history was flooded St. Mark’s Basilica, and the water has damaged the famous mosaic.

On Monday evening the President of the region Luca, Jaya announced in the region in crisis situation. At his request, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte gave the order to mobilize all the forces of the national Civil defence service in connection with bad weather.

On Wednesday, meteoitalia has improved somewhat, but the greater part of the territory of Veneto is still on a regime of «red» level of danger. According to forecasters, nature has given the people of Northern Italy only a short break, and on Thursday the wind Sirocco again will bring to these areas the heavy rains that could trigger floods and other natural disasters.

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