In Yakutia, told about the damage to two rivers from bursting dams

© RIA Novosti / V. Jakovlevichu. Archival photoIn Yakutia, told about the damage to two rivers from bursting dams© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Yakovlev

Damage caused two rivers of Yakutia as a result of washout of dams by ALROSA amounted to more than 4.6 billion rubles, the press service of the Ministry of environment of Yakutia.

In August, heavy rains and dam «ALROSA» on the Creek Tabor provoked a blur of a dam on irelyakhskoe water reservoir in Yakutia. Contaminated water from landfills field «Irelyakhskoe scattering» caught in the rivers Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobiya, Vilyuy and Suntar.

«The Ministry calculated the damage caused to water bodies R. Irelyakh river Malaya and Botuobuya. According to the calculation, the amount of damage caused to the river Irelyakh, to 11.19 million rubles, the river Small Botuobuya – the 4.67 billion rubles,» — noted in a press-Department service.

The minekologia organized administrative investigation, an unscheduled inspection in respect of AK «ALROSA» (JSC) continued laboratory study of the quality of water bodies, attracted by the scientific institutions of the Republic for the integrated assessment of the consequences of the accident.

The Ministry also reported that currently the Office of Rosprirodnadzor in the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) and Lensk territorial administration Rosrybolovstva specified final size of damage caused to river basin and water biological resources.