Israeli Minister Elkin conceded defeat on elections of the mayor of Jerusalem

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in photobanks Elkin. Archival photoIsraeli Minister Elkin conceded defeat on elections of the mayor of Jerusalem© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

Russian-speaking Israeli Minister ze’ev Elkin admitted defeat in the struggle for a post of the mayor of Jerusalem, do not try to the second round of municipal elections.

Who will be the next mayor, will be decided on 13 November. The choice is between ofer Berkowitz and Moshe Leon, for whom in the first round voted most Jerusalemites.

«In politics we must be able not only to win but to lose. I congratulate the ofer Berkovich and Moshe Leon, who came out in the second round, and as Minister for Jerusalem Affairs will cooperate with those who will win,» Elkin wrote in the microblog Twitter.

He combines the posts of Minister for the environment and for Jerusalem Affairs, is part of the military-political Cabinet, co-chairs the Russian-Israeli intergovernmental Commission. Elkin repeatedly performed the functions of a Trustee and the personal interpreter to the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in his contacts with Russian leadership. The Israeli government supported the Minister in the municipal elections and campaigned for him.

Next battle will be between 35-year-old former Vice-mayor Berkowitz, who has a reputation as a defender of the interests of the secular part of the townspeople, and 56-year-old member of the municipal Council, which has enlisted the support of influential ultra-Orthodox parties.

The current mayor, NIR Barkat did not seek a third term after ten years led 900-thousand city, which the Israelis consider their «United and undivided capital», despite the claims of the Palestinians in the Eastern areas and the historic centre.

In tel Aviv, the second largest city of Israel, its business capital, the most popular Mediterranean resort and the sister city of Moscow, for a fifth term was re-elected Ron Huldai, reported by the local media, citing preliminary results.

Elections were held Tuesday throughout Israel. Millions of citizens and permanent residents of the country voted for the heads of municipalities or towns, and determined the composition of local councils.