Living in Mexico, she has told where Trump would build a wall

© AP Photo / Gregory BullСотрудник US law enforcement near the wall on the border of US and Mexico in San Diego. Archival photoLiving in Mexico, she has told where Trump would build a wall© AP Photo / Gregory Bull

Small Mexican town of Tapachula in recent days has included in the summary of world news because of the caravan of Central American migrants who are moving into the territory of Mexico from Guatemala to continue the long and difficult path in the direction of the United States.

The RIA Novosti correspondent contacted the citizen of Russia Irina Abomasal living in the city together with her husband, a Mexican, and asked her about the atmosphere that reigns there now amid the arrival of thousands of migrants.

According to Bumboy, the overall situation in the city is normal. «If the life is between home and the supermarket, nothing unnoticed. In fact, on Monday I did not notice. Today (Tuesday) on the way from the garden saw several large groups of migrants. 300 people resting in the Park in the shade and walked along the highway, groups of people, five to seven. All young, very young men,» — said Russian woman.

She noted that women and children cannot be seen at all. «Stopped at a supermarket, there is also a groups and go customers with knapsacks on their shoulders. And there’s also heaps of other buyers, the Federal police. Police, migrants, regular folk when a chance encounter avert their eyes and pretend that nothing is happening. No arrests and «your documents,» she said.

Abukawa added that the local population in migrants do not respond in any way. «Sigh and carefully close the locks on the night — that all changes. Outright negativity, I have not seen or heard from residents. On the contrary, everywhere wish bear help and a sad joke that if trump really did not want migrants from all over Central America, he would have built a wall on the border of Mexico and Guatemala,» she says.

However, as noted Abukawa, the main reason that migrants from the local population strong emotions do not cause, that Tapachula as a place of residence of these people are not interested. «It’s not the American dream perfectly, so we saved» she said.

In Mexico now goes to the U.S. the caravan of migrants from Honduras. Sunday kicked off another caravan of migrants from El Salvador. The US President Donald trump said that the us military is ready to meet the criminals and «bad guys» who come to the country in a convoy of migrants.