The Colombian went into pornomodeli after eight years in the monastery

© Fotolia / sergiophotoДевушка in jeans. Archival photoThe Colombian went into pornomodeli after eight years in the monastery© Fotolia / sergiophoto

The Colombian Yudi Pineda after eight years spent in the monastery, decided to start a career porn actress, reports the Mirror.

The girl came to the monastery in ten years after a lesson in school where the nuns talked about religion and faith. However, staying there for eight years, she fell in love with a teacher of theology and made the decision to leave the monastery.

After that, she moved to medellín. Working in Nestle, the girl met Juan Bustos, who was looking for webcam models for your adult site. Girl auditioned and was accepted to work.

However, as recognized by the People, the priest tried to dissuade her from a career porn actress, but she ignored it. Her work she considers «worthy and artistic» and continues to regularly attend Church on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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