The company produces a DNA test, plans to sell them in Asia

© Fotolia / science photoУченый making the test in the laboratory. Archival photoThe company produces a DNA test, plans to sell them in Asia© Fotolia / science photo

The Russian company «nearmedic», which is the first in Russia to start manufacture of a DNA test, plans to sell them in the countries of South-East Asia, told reporters the General Director of the company Vladimir Nesterenko.

«This is the line of development of our business. As you know, very difficult to enter the world with a new product, so we will come out gradually, about our vector is South-East Asia. We plan to exit this, further analysis will show where to go,» — said the General Director.

«Nearmedic» pharmaceutical, biotech, medical company, established in 1989 at the research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences. The company launched the production of test-systems for identification and establishment of relationship in DNA. Engineering and procurement of new equipment, the company received a preferential loan of $ 202 million rubles from the Fund of industrial development, the total project cost to 289.2 million rubles.

The industry development Fund created on the initiative of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation for the modernization of Russian industry, the establishment of new industries and ensure import substitution.