The explosion in Arkhangelsk injured three FSB

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in fotoracconti operational services at the entrance to the building of the FSB in the Arkhangelsk region, where the explosion occurredThe explosion in Arkhangelsk injured three FSB© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

Three FSB officers were injured in the explosion in Arkhangelsk, the information center of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC).

Earlier, NAC reported an explosion at the entrance to the FSB building, the causes are being investigated. According to the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov, as a result of explosion one person was lost, three more suffered.

«The wound of different severity level have received three employees of the FSB,» — said in the message.

According to the center, the victims received the necessary medical assistance.