The Georgian TV company «Imedi» change the ether net to prevent the victory Vashadze elections

© RIA Novosti / Katerina to Audioreference in fotobanka over the building of the presidential Palace in Tbilisi. Archival photoThe Georgian TV company «Imedi» change the ether net to prevent the victory Vashadze elections© RIA Novosti / Katerina to Audioreference the image Bank

Second rated TV Georgia Imedi TV switches to emergency operation mode before the second round of the presidential elections and change the ether net, «to prevent the return of the former regime in the face of «United national movement», said in a statement on the website of the company.

The founder and owner of Imedi TV was a well-known businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili. In November 2007 after the deterioration of relations between Patarkatsishvili and the then President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and his party «United national movement» in the building of the TV company raided by armed police, the broadcasting was interrupted. The company was later re-issued to a relative of Patarkatsishvili and became a Pro-government channel.

«The pre-election period before the second round will be especially challenging, as one side of choice was the «National movement». TV company «Imedi» and its owners have experienced what it means when the «National movement» in power. Therefore, the «Imedi» in the pre-election period change in essential grid, and we will work to ensure that the mode is not returned,» — said in a statement.

The broadcaster notes that after 2012, the «national movement» for the first time approached to return.

On Sunday, Georgia held presidential elections. For this position competed 25 candidates. According to the results of processing 100% of ballots, the independent candidate, former foreign Minister Salome Zurabishvili, supported by the ruling party «Georgian dream», the gaining of 38.64% of the votes, its main rival from the opposition Grigol Vashadze (member of the party «national movement») — 37,74%. The second round of elections should be held before December 2.