The onf has identified in Russia more than 360 destroyed by heavy road sections

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva in fotomontajes Federal highway Р258 Baikal. Archival photo.The onf has identified in Russia more than 360 destroyed by heavy road sections© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva the image Bank

The popular front has registered 362 of roads in the regions of the Russian Federation, which, in the opinion of the citizens, destroyed trucks, reported the press service of the movement.

«We have monitored the areas that citizens have added to our map and pointed to destruction due to movement of heavy vehicles. Such sites were 362» — quoted the press service of the expert of the project «Road inspection onf/Map of dead roads» Dmitry Copula.

In addition, the map hit the road in Primorye, where the recently collapsed bridge over the river Osinovka in killing people.

Most congested roads, according to onf, the residents of the Russian Federation found in the Smolensk, Moscow and Rostov regions. Also problematic road marked in Altai Krai, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Krasnodar territory, the Leningrad, Orel and other areas.

The most congested roads, according to citizens, was the street Apricot in Yeysk, street of Alexander Nevsky and Natalia Screener in Ufa, Komsomolskaya street in Kirov.

According to Copula, many visitors believe that the drivers of heavy vehicles ignore traffic signs, seasonal restrictions, or trying to save by avoiding toll roads. «Another difficult situation is related to urban development. Trucks bring the materials, divide the city streets. And then the road to restore the budget, not the developer. That is, in all these cases, equipment weighing tens of tons moved on the roads, not designed for that,» he added.