The owner spoke about the status of returnees in Crimea the crew of «Nord»

© Photo : State border service Ukrainization in the Ukrainian part of the territorial waters of the Azov sea fishing boat Nord. Archive photoThe owner spoke about the status of returnees in Crimea the crew of «Nord»© Photo : State border service of Ukraine

The crew of the seiner «Nord», who returned to the Crimea after the illegal hold in Ukraine since March, is in a joyful mood, told RIA Novosti the representative of the owner — Kerch fish farm 1 may: Anna shevelyova.

Seven members of the crew of the Russian vessel «Nord» on Tuesday, on the border of Crimea and Ukraine were exchanged for the seven Ukrainian sailors, the press Secretary of the Russian Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova. According to the Ombudsman for human rights in Crimea Lyudmila Lubenau, the exchange was attended by sailors from the two Ukrainian ships, including fishing NMR-0041.

«Members of the crew, though tired, but are in a joyful mood,» said Shevelev.

According to her, now the crew is sent to their families in Kerch. «I hope tomorrow to hear them,» said Shevelev.

Ukrainian border guards detained on March 25 Crimean ship «Nord» under the flag of Russia in the Azov sea with 10 crew members. All of them are citizens of Russia, but Kyiv considers them to be Ukrainian citizens. Two members of the crew managed to return to the Crimea via Belarus, seven was removed from the flight to Minsk. The owner stated that the ship is detained unlawfully, and the actions of border guards threat to the lives of crew members. Management of FSB of the Crimea opened a criminal case under article 211 of the criminal code «hijacking an aircraft, sea vessel or railway rolling stock».

The Ukrainian fishing vessel yamk-0041 was arrested may 4 by the shores of the Crimea, it violates the ban on the catch of plaice on the shelf. Against the captain of the ship, the citizen of Ukraine, a criminal case about poaching, he is in prison of Simferopol. On the ship seized.