The Serbian President spoke about the expectations of Putin’s visit in January

© AP Photo / Darko VojinovicПрезидент of Serbia Alexander Vucic. Archival photoThe Serbian President spoke about the expectations of Putin’s visit in January© AP Photo / Darko Vojinovic

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic told RIA Novosti that he expects the visit of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in mid-January, many important agreements in economy, energy, infrastructure and politics.

Vucic confirmed to the Agency that Putin’s visit to Belgrade is expected in mid-January.

«Expect a lot of important things and many important agreements, mainly in the field of Economics, energy, infrastructure, sure — and in politics,» he said.

«We are 100% dependent on Russian gas. I do not know what further relations of Russia with Ukraine. Well, if they agreed with (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel that the pipeline will go in one or two directions, but it’s my job to try to ensure that in Serbia freely received gas, as it is a condition of our development in the future,» said the Serbian leader.

According to him, Belgrade is now required is three billion cubic meters of gas, and in seven or eight years, «will require five billion cubic meters» per year.

«Because this is the basis for the industrialization of Serbia. When we construct a pipeline and two gas distribution stations, much faster than we develop. Expect great results and I think that President Putin will be satisfied,» — said Vucic.

He pointed out that Serbia is not currently owes Russia for gas supplies, «no Dinar», fulfills all the obligations on time and is a reliable partner.

«With Russia we want more strong and successful cooperation. It is here and on all other matters, including political and economic», — said the President of Serbia.