Bolsonaro confirmed the intention to move Embassy to Jerusalem

© 2018 AFP / Nelson Almeida Hair Bolsonaro. Archival photoBolsonaro confirmed the intention to move Embassy to Jerusalem© 2018 AFP / Nelson Almeida

The President-elect of Brazil Air Bolsonaro confirmed the readiness to move the Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, stressing that the right to determine the capital of Israel has the people of this country.

During the election campaign, he promised to move the Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Office, the new President will take effect January 1, 2019.

«Israel is a sovereign state. If you choose their capital, so we accept this choice. When, during the election campaign I was asked (if I will take the Embassy to Jerusalem — ed.) when I become President, I replied in the affirmative. After all, it is you, not other Nations, decide which city is your capital,» said Bolsonaro in an interview with Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

Bolsonaro also commented on plans to transfer the office of the Palestinian national authority in Brazil.

«With regard to Palestinian representation, then it is built too close to the presidential Palace. No Embassy can be located so close to it, so we plan to move it, and other options, in my opinion, no. Moreover, Palestine should first become a state, to be eligible for the Embassy», — concluded Bolsonaro.

If the decision to move the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem is adopted, Brazil will join the U.S. and Guatemala, which first put the Embassy in Jerusalem, despite the unresolved status of the city and Palestinians on the Eastern areas. Earlier it was reported that Australia is also considering the possibility of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer to your Embassy.

The rest of the world continues to consider the status of Jerusalem is one of the core problems of the middle East conflict which should be resolved based on the agreement of the Israelis with the Palestinians, but until that happened, keeps its Embassy in tel Aviv.