In Kalashny number: Europe could not knock money out of Russia over the pork

© Fotolia / janecatСвиньиIn Kalashny number: Europe could not knock money out of Russia over the pork© Fotolia / janecat

MOSCOW, 1 Nov — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. The EU desperately does not want to admit defeat in the dispute with Russia over pork embargo. After December 2017 Moscow at the request of the world trade organization lifted the ban on the import of live pigs from the EU, but retained restrictions on pork imports, European officials demanded from the WTO to punish Russia — 1.39 billion euros annually. In response, Moscow has blocked the convening of an arbitration panel on the arisen dispute. What is the future of this trial and whether it needs today, the European pork to the Russian market — in the material RIA Novosti.

The unhappy

In January 2014, Russia has restricted the import of live pigs and pork from the European Union due to outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF), in particular, in Lithuania and Poland. This hurt European farmers, already suffering from Russian counter-sanctions. Brussels appealed against the restrictions imposed in December 2017, the WTO has recognized them illegal. Basically, the decision came down to the fact that it is impossible to completely shut down the country for ASF, only separate regions.

Pigs, not pork

Thus, in full compliance with the WTO ruling, Russia opened a market exclusively for live pigs. Industry needs them, and a partial opening of the market is justified. In the next three to four years it is planned to put into operation the capacity to produce about one million tons of pigs in live weight, the country needs to import breeding material, said National meat Association.

As for the pork — in August 2014, she came under the food embargo. That is the prohibition of pork, operating to this day — a real headache for the EU.

WTO, long turned into an instrument of political struggle, it seems EU officials appropriate tool in this case.

I want to eat

Economists admit that the embargo, Russia has hit the most vulnerable places of the European economy. Even an embargo on steel does not cause such serious losses to the EU as restrictions on the importation of food: the market in Europe is saturated.

«Production quotas of agricultural products in the European Union — a very painful subject. Subsidy to farmers — a key item of expenditure of the European budget. They pay the manufacturers money to those less produced,» — said Zhuravlev.© 2018 AFP / Belga/Thierry RogeФермеры on tractors during a protest in Brussels, BelgiumIn Kalashny number: Europe could not knock money out of Russia over the pork© AFP 2018 / Belga/Thierry RogeФермеры on tractors during a protest in Brussels, Belgium

For all the time that the acts of bradenburg, European farmers lost over € 20 billion. Particularly affected livestock farmers in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Trying by all means to enter the Russian market, the Europeans knocking at different doors. WTO — one of these doors.

«It’s like the famous fable about the wolf, «You are guilty that I want to eat — in a dark forest lamb dragged» — says Zhuravlev.

Another thing that you can count on concessions from Russia, Europe is not necessary. Moscow has a strong position and strong arguments and disputes in the WTO can take years and even decades.