In Kazan will arrive three millionth tourist

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin Cheboksary. Archival photoIn Kazan will arrive three millionth tourist© RIA Novosti / Konstantin Chalabov

The capital of Tatarstan in the holiday week in November will take three million from the beginning of the tourist, which became Muscovite Darya Chepur, who won in the action «Become three million tourist of Kazan», according to the mayoralty of Kazan.

«In Kazan has identified three million tourists became a Muscovite Darya Chepur, which will arrive in the city on 9 November. The winner of the action «Become the three million tourist of Kazan» was chosen today, with the help of the Lotto. She was already in the capital of Tatarstan last summer, but didn’t get to see all the sights», — stated in the message.

The action was attended by 316 people of the 94 cities that sent in the questionnaire on a specially created for the campaign website during October. As confirmation that the guest is planning to visit Kazan in the beginning of November, it was necessary to attach a photo of a ticket to the capital of Tatarstan. The reason for her visit to Kazan was very different — for example, one of the participants decided to make here a proposal of marriage to his sweetheart.

All received bids were placed in a lottery drum from which the Director of the Committee on development of tourism of Kazan Daria Sannikova and pulled out the envelope with the name of the winner.

For anniversary guest, as noted, prepared an interesting two-day program and lots of surprises. She can not only walk on the most famous tourist sites of the city, but also to see the city from the air and from water, in particular the planned helicopter flight and boat cruise along the Kazanka.

Sannikov reminded that the cultural program and the main treats to three million tourists came up with Kazan citizens — specially for this purpose was organized the vote for the most interesting resorts and the most delicious dishes of Tatar national cuisine.

The townspeople decided that the anniversary guest of the Kazan needs to get to the Museum «panorama City» and the Museum Chuck-Chuck, to see the Kremlin embankment, and go to the theater named after G. Kamal. From national dishes to the guest, we suggest you try tutira meat, soup kullama rustic ASE tartare, HAC bales, Gubadag and milk drink, Katik.

Sannikov also described the portrait of an average of Kazan tourist. According to her, most often visit Kazan women aged 25-35 years, about 60% of tourists visit the city for the first time, and about 40% — for the second time. The main activity of attendance is in the summer and second half of spring. Tourists prefer to travel with friends or family. Among the reasons of arrival highest percentage gain sightseeing and cultural program.

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