In Okinawa resumed the construction of new US base

© AFP 2018 / Kazuhiro NogiВоенный cargo plane USA on the island of Okinawa, Japan. Archival photoIn Okinawa resumed the construction of new US base© AFP 2018 / Kazuhiro Foot

Work on the filling part of the coastal strip of the sea resumed in the area Hanako the city of Naga in the Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa, said the Secretary-General of the government of Japan of Yoshihide Suga at a press conference in Tokyo.

The authorities of Okinawa Prefecture in August revoked the license authorizing the carrying out of such works.

«Yesterday in the office of the Ministry of defense on Okinawa received a notice from the Ministry of state land and transport that action (opinion – ed.) terminated, and today we received a notice from the Ministry of defence on the resumption of work,» said Suga.

The Ministry of state land took two months to achieve a temporary cessation of this review. The newly elected Governor of the Prefecture Danny Tamaki insists on meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to address the issue of the transfer of Futenma base in the Prefecture of Okinawa. The government intends to move it to Henoko, and the administration of Okinawa insists on moving it outside the Prefecture.

As expected, the work of filling sand area of the coastal strip of the sea will begin at the end of the year.

Base marine corps air station Futenma, which is considered the most dangerous in the world due to its location near residential houses in the city of Ginowan on Okinawa, according to the agreement Japan and the United States 2006 it was decided to move in Henoko. For this you need to fall asleep around 157 hectares of the coastal strip, affecting coral reefs. This causes the protests of the local population and environmentalists. In addition, the database migration within the borders of the same Prefecture, according to local population, not reduce the already heavy burden on Okinawa by the military bases of the United States: occupying only 0.6% of Japan, Okinawa is taking 74% of all us bases from the area calculation.

In the progress of the filling of the coastal strip on the sea bottom will be poured concrete and covered with earth. This will make it almost impossible to return the coast to its current state.

Between the state and the Prefecture for more than two years with varying degrees of success in the struggle around the transfer base marine corps air station Futenma in Henoko. Mutual lawsuits and disestablishment the other hand lead to periodic renewal and suspension of operations the backfilling of the coastal part of the sea.

According to the signed in 2013, bilateral agreements, the transfer of the Futenma base at the disposal of the Prefecture of Okinawa to occur «in 2022 or later». But for this to take place the transfer of the database from the city of Ginowan on Okinawa to the area Henoko in the same Prefecture.