In Poland began the investigation against the Ukrainian company for a game about Auschwitz

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotoracconti the Auschwitz concentration camp. Archival photoIn Poland began the investigation against the Ukrainian company for a game about Auschwitz© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

In Poland the Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation against the Ukrainian company Aliens Games, developed a computer game about the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. This writes Rzeczpospolita.

It is reported that the participant will be able to try yourself in the role as a prisoner of the camp and the guard-SS. In the first case, you need to try to escape from the camp in the second — to chase and kill prisoners. The player-«the guard» will be able to decide which prisoners to send to work, and someone in a gas chamber. The game features scenes of selection of prisoners, as well as mass and individual executions.

The investigation began after the President of the Institute of national remembrance Jaroslav Sarika filed actions referred to in the articles on insulting the Polish nation and promotion of the fascist state system. Currently, the prosecution is gathering evidence.

The perturbation of Saraki called the new Internet presentation materials entitled «the Price of freedom is a game about Polish death camps». There, in particular there are scenes of shooting and killing prisoners in the gas chamber, given the expression «Polish concentration camp» «Where honor of this great Polish nation?», in respect of the poles is used the epithet «dogs».

At the same time representatives of the Polish political circles tried to find scandal in the «Russian trace». MP Jozef Brenkus in their requests to the heads of the Ministry of justice, General Prosecutor’s office and the foreign Ministry argues that although the official producer of the game is a Ukrainian company, its real authors are the Russians, and especially a Dmitry Dybin from Odessa many years associated with the Moscow Studio Studcinemafest. According to the parliamentarian, this information suggests that the scandal could be «a political provocation against Poland on an international scale».

A complex of camps, Auschwitz-Birkenau was created by German occupants during the Second world war on Polish territory seized by the Nazi Third Reich. There for five years killed about 1.4 million people, most of whom are Jews. Soviet troops liberated it on January 27 1945. The camp was located near the town of Auschwitz and went down in history also. The expression «Polish death camp» is historically incorrect.

Earlier in Poland, the law on the Institute of national remembrance provides criminal penalties of deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years for the prosecution of the Republic and its people for the crimes of the Holocaust, in particular, for the use of the expression «Polish death camps» and other statements that can be interpreted as an attempt to put the poles complicit in the crimes of Nazi Germany, including the genocide of European Jewry. The same punishment is envisaged for the promotion of the ideology of Bandera and the denial of the «Volyn massacre», arranged in the years of the war the Ukrainian nationalists. However, after criticism at the international level, the law was amended, abolishing those rules, which was not initiated any criminal case.