Roskomnadzor will become the holder of the register of pirate links

CC0 / Skitterphoto / the man behind the laptop. Archival photoRoskomnadzor will become the holder of the register of pirate linksCC0 / Skitterphoto /

Roskomnadzor in the framework of the Memorandum on cooperation in the sphere of protection of exclusive rights, which was signed by the media houses and Internet sites will be the holder of the register of pirate resources, and will exercise moderation in the disputes between search engines and rights holders, said the head of the Department Alexander Zharov on Thursday.

«This is an absolute, self-regulation, as Roskomnadzor is not a party to signing the Memorandum, we are only the holder of the register of pirate resources, which every hour will upload Internet sites, and in case of disputes between right holders and Internet platforms we conduct moderation», — said Zharov at a meeting with participants of the Memorandum, which took place at the site of Roskomnadzor on Thursday.

A Memorandum on cooperation in combating the spread of pirated content signed a Yandex, Rambler, Kinopoisk and rights holders — the leading media houses of the country. The essence of the document is a pre-trial dispute resolution of copyright holders and search engines, in particular, removal of links to pirated content out of court.

After signing the agreement Zharov expressed hope that the Memorandum will help to make the most clean Runet from piracy space.

The question of the necessity of the Memorandum between search engines and rights holders rose in may in the discussion at the SPIEF-2018 dedicated to the protection of copyright. Then the head of Roskomnadzor called the largest search engine for cooperation in the protection of copyright content, noting that today links to pirated copies of films are given in the search results that causes complaints of the copyright holders.

In August, four of the broadcaster, entering in «Gazprom-media», filed in the court lawsuits on full lock in «Yandex» pirated copies of a number of series. After over all the service «Yandex.Video» under threat of blocking, the search engine has decided to remove from the search all links on pages with controversial content. Users lost the ability to find legitimate sites, because the search engine claimed that he is unable to distinguish them from the pirate, more than once in the course of discussions on the issue of copyright content publicly questioned the owners.