Russia supported the UN security Council resolution on Western Sahara

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The UN Security Council on Wednesday voted to extend the mandate of the Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara, however, Russia has not supported the resolution presented by the United States as the document is ambiguous, said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia.

In 1976, the popular front for the liberation of Western Sahara (Polisario), declared an independent state, the Saharan Arab democratic Republic (SADR). The UN refuses to recognize the self-proclaimed Republic and the annexation of the territory of Morocco. The global organization required to hold a referendum on self-determination. Moroccan authorities presented a plan for creating autonomy, while Polisario proposes to determine the status of the territory of Western Sahara at a referendum. On 4 and 5 December this year as planned direct talks between Morocco and Polisario under UN auspices with the aim of restarting settlement of the conflict over Western Sahara.

«The international community, including the Security Council, should contribute to the success of the process (talks — ed.), initiated by the special envoy of the UN Secretary General Horst Koehler, it creates a unique chance to advance in the Western Sahara settlement. In our collective assistance should be based on previously agreed in the security parameters in accordance with the Council’s resolutions which outline the sides of the Western Sahara conflict based on the fundamental principle of vzaimopomoschi eventual solution and the mean self-determination for the Western Saharan people under procedures consistent with the principles and purposes of the UN Charter,» — said Nebenzia.

He noted that the «vzaimopomoschi formula solutions – the main prerequisite for the sustainability of the settlement. On this issue in SB always there was a solid consensus.»

«Unfortunately, in this resolution, we saw another attempt to fix the ambiguity with respect to the mentioned parameters. We believe such an approach is unacceptable,» — said the Russian permanent representative.

«Attempts to revise the previously agreed basis of the settlement of the Western Sahara were the main reason we are unable to support the American project. We did not block the resolution because it extends the mandate is important for the regional stability of the UN Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara», — explained the diplomat.

«We support and assist MINURSO (MINURSO), including the Russian military observers in its composition. But to vote Yes for us would be to compromise a principled position in support of the existing basis of settlement», — concluded the sebenza.