Service «Mercy» free train volunteers to care for seriously ill

© Photo courtesy of the service of palliative care for HIV-infected Mercy Sisters of mercy and volunteers merry Christmas to patients of SDS No. 2Service «Mercy» free train volunteers to care for seriously ill© photo courtesy of the service of palliative care of HIV-infected people «Mercy»

Orthodox service of assistance «Mercy» and the Central clinical hospital (TSKB) of St. Alexis announced a range of free courses for the care of seriously ill people, told RIA Novosti press-service of «Mercy.»

«The course is designed for those wishing to learn professional skills, care and nurse to care,» — said in the service.

The courses will give the opportunity to get a job in the palliative ward of the hospital of St. Alexis, the Holy Spiridonievsky almshouse, St. Sophia social care home for children and adults with multiple disabilities, and to help lonely patients in psycho-neurological boarding school №11 in city clinical hospital №1 and at home.

«Service «Mercy» helps dozens of weak and defenseless people who can’t take care of themselves. Some of them can’t even lift a spoon. To each client we treat with warmth and love but love’s not enough. The necessary knowledge and practical skills to care for a seriously ill person so as not to hurt him or yourself. This will teach our courses in care,» — said the elder sister of the Holy Spiridonievsky almshouses service «Mercy» Olga Jordan.

Classes will start in mid-November and will be held within seven months, three times a week. Teachers, doctors and nurses will conduct trainings on the basics of nursing, anatomy, therapy and pharmacology. Students will combine study with practical training. During the course, experts will teach a special technique of taking care of bedridden patients, which was developed based on over 20 years of experience of the sisters of service «Mercy». Nursing courses will be held in the CDB name of St. Alexius.

Orthodox service of assistance «Mercy» brings together 26 social projects and annually provides assistance to tens of thousands of needy, seriously ill children and adults, orphans, lonely elderly people and the disabled, the homeless and HIV-positive. Among the service projects «Mercy»: the crisis center «Home for mom», the Holy Spiridonievsky hospice, rehabilitation Centre for children with cerebral palsy and others.

Central clinical hospital of St. Alexis the Metropolitan of Moscow is a multi – profile medical institution for 275 seats. It is the largest medical institution of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the hospital treated people from all regions of Russia, regardless of their religious affiliation. For all patients examination and treatment are free of charge.