The expert questioned in archaeological treasures found in the Amur region of human remains

© Fotolia / KrugloffАрхеологические excavations. Archival photoThe expert questioned in archaeological treasures found in the Amur region of human remains© Fotolia / Krugloff

The human remains and skulls with bullet holes, which the inhabitant of Blagoveshchensk in Amur region found on the site during construction works do not represent archaeological value, told RIA Novosti Director of the regional Centre for conservation of historical and cultural heritage.

Earlier in SUS’k of the Russian Federation across the Amur region, RIA Novosti said that the inhabitant of the Amur region found bones and skulls, reported it to law enforcement agencies started investigation verification. Was taken two whole skulls and fragments of a third, judicial-medical examination will establish the mechanism of formation of the gunshot wounds on the turtles, the prescription of death, sex and race.

«Found the remains less than 100 years, they have enamel, bone and cartilage. This is not an archaeological monument. Also found fragments of shoes, boots, puttees, metal mug. More accurate data will be after the forensic, I can say that it is not the objects of archaeological heritage», — Volkov said to RIA Novosti.

Found the remains of Vitaly Kvasha published photographs in your account in Instagram, they can see that on one of the skulls preserved metal dental crown.

Acting senior assistant head of the regional SUCK Oleg Myasoedov told RIA Novosti that in the framework of the preliminary investigation a request was made in the Amur regional Museum of local lore. «The requested historical information,» — said the Agency interlocutor.