The foreign Ministry called these media reports of Russian submarines off the Swedish coast myth

CC BY 2.0 / k.steudel / SubmarineПодводная boat. Archival photoThe foreign Ministry called these media reports of Russian submarines off the Swedish coast mythCC BY 2.0 / k.steudel / Submarine

Publications about Russian submarines in the territorial waters of Sweden is another propaganda fake news, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova

«In the Swedish media there were publications about the discovery this summer for a foreign submarine in its territorial waters near Stockholm. All this is replicated by politicians and experts with a clear direct allusions to Russian trace», — she said at a briefing in Moscow.

According to her, in Russia leave the story with the supposedly Russian submarines on the conscience of those who tries to inflate.

«Stories about Russian submarines in Swedish territorial waters is nothing more than a propaganda trick that allows you to heat up public opinion and public phobias against Russia and to support afloat thesis about a Russian threat. Unfortunately, this approach is not in the interests of maintaining stability and security in the region, is not conducive to normalization and without having degraded in recent years, bilateral relations. It is obvious that the establishment of a mutually respectful dialogue between Sweden and Russia is just afraid of all these fakes. The absurdity of these speculations is recognized and Swedish military, however did it late,» said Zakharov.

«There are Ancient Greek myths and there are myths of Sweden on Russian submarines. Unfortunately, those and others have grown more than one generation,» she added.

Reports from eyewitnesses that they had seen near the coast of Sweden is similar to submarine objects that periodically appear in the Swedish media, the power of their study, the results of the investigation are not always made public. So, one of the most ambitious operations of the Swedish Navy began searching in October 2014, the traces of presence in the waters of the Stockholm archipelago for foreign submarines. Two years later Swedish Radio reported, citing unnamed sources, that beep, which gave impetus to search for a foreign submarine in Swedish territorial waters, proceeded really from the buffet object. Radio also recalled another case when an unidentified underwater object was observed during naval exercises off the coast of Sweden in the spring of 2015. This unknown object was a German submarine. Official confirmation of these data are not available.